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Signa Mikesell


Born and raised in Western MT. Living in the middle of nowhere (over 50 miles to the closest “Big Town”) , she grew up hunting and fishing. An ideal day was hiking into a mountain lake for some fishing.


Following high school she attended Central Michigan University, but after a while, the call of the wild and those beautiful Montana days called her back home. Eventually, she and her husband started a construction business which took them across the state to Malta, MT where they currently reside with their 3 children. As a small business owner she is no stranger to hard work and dedication.

Home Decor


If you want to enjoy the buying/selling process, I highly recommend working with the team at Back Country Realty. Signa works with transparency and integrity in everything she does. She always goes the extra mile and will take care of all your real estate needs. Thanks for all you do Back Country Realty!

- A.J. Meyer

This year was my first experience getting a mortgage on a home and was it more than I thought I could handle. I actually contemplated calling it quits more than once. Getting a mortgage while being self employed is not for the faint of heart. But luckily I had Signa to walk me through every step of the way, and making sure that my lender was responding to me , making sure my paperwork was in line and helping with the numerous letters that my underwriter needed. She always answered my panicked calls and had a plan taken into action before we even ended our call. Signa genuinely cares about her clients and when you are buying a home, that should matter. 

- Anonymous

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